GoBag (Large Backpack Version)

The primary reason I ultimately settled on the "River Dry bag" style pack is that it's waterproof. This bag could be hidden in out in the rain for some time and, as long as animals don't get to it, your gear will be dry as a bone when you come back to it. The other beauty of the bag is that if you choose not to "burp" the air out of it before closing it, you can use it as a life jacket or raft.
Chaco sandles for stream crossings to keep your Gortex boots and socks dry. This is a partial breakdown of the elements inside the large GoBag. List: Extra smaller dry bag, 5 degree down sleeping bag, Gortex bivy sack, Bug bivy, MSR Whisperlight stove, cooking pot, fuel bottle, MSR Dromedary Bag (Water Bag), Clothing Sack, Food Bag, Emergency crank radio, Nalgene bottle w/Insulated Cover, Pure water filter, Accessory Bag 1, Accessory Bag 2, Atlas, Knife, TP, etc. (This is by no means the complete list of contents. Accessory bag contents to be listed later)

Food Bag: Mountain House freeze dried meals. I used to buy power bars and other dried goods but got tired of throwing them away every 6-12 months. Mountain House meals are good for 5 years or more. A good investment. If you start getting near the expiration date, just go camping and eat them or have 'em for dinner once in a while.

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